delivering since 1999

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delivering since 1999


                 Cell: +27 83 233 1628


Unsurpassed Excellence in Excel - guaranteed
100% confidentiality & privacy assured

I specialise in Custom Excel macros, using VBA (Visual Basic for Application) in order to let you concentrate on more important business issues

I have concentrated on the development of powerful computer-based solutions and systems and making use of innovative problem solving techniques in Excel

These, typically, have incorporated a combination of complex formula, cross-referencing and Visual Basic macros. This results in a robust program, with comprehensive error-checks with, or without, password control

I have written a variety of diverse systems for a number of clients, from small businesses to national companies. The work has spanned a wide variety of business disciplines including retailing, shipping, manufacturing, financial accounting, letting, invoicing, costing and wages

My typical client has large amounts of data on numerous systems situated on networks throughout the group or region

They are looking for a method of accumulating and combining this data seamlessly in order to access useful information on which to base management decisions

I have developed comprehensive reports run via extensive Excel forms from which to extract specific information based on multiple criteria

I am an expert in gathering data from diverse computer systems and creating complex reports which can be automatically regenerated by the user each day/week/month

In some instances I have used ODBC to extract raw data from database systems allowing me to write comprehensive reports using custom VBA, based on the extracted tables

My accounting background has stood me in good stead, as I am fully au fait with the methods and principles of accounting and the application thereof

As I know Excel extremely well I can also advise you on using Excel to its fullest

Typically I go in, look at your data, and your requirements regarding regular reports and then write the routines (macros) for you. You then can, after refreshing the data, regenerate an up-to-date report at the touch of a button whenever required!

My typical clients are financial directors, accountants, cost accountants, wage & salary managers, sales managers, stores managers and those that work in the retail, insurance, shipping and manufacturing industries, to name a few

In fact I can assist anybody who has lots of data to input and/or repetitive data &/or if you want to get meaningful reports quickly and easily, I can cut labourous time consuming, plus more out of your work, made simply and much more superiour - you will be amazed

                                                            Call me on with your requirements and I will give you a quote, without obligation

 Let us automate your Excel and make your life a breeze!