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Founder Peter Bircher B Com, HDE, FDE (Computers) was at the forefront of teaching computer studies during the pioneering days in schools during the 80’s. In 1989 Peter left teaching to apply his computer skills in the commercial world, joining CG Smith Sugar (now Illovo Sugar)

Peter was initially involved with the development of the corporate wide area network (WAN) and the support of all office products, including Lotus 1-2-3. This was the beginning of his interest with the macro language

In 1993 he was asked to develop a very complex Excel based program for the Sugar Association giving him the opportunity to hone his macro skills in Excel visual basic (VBA)

In 1996 Peter, together with 22 colleagues from the Computer division were asked by Illovo to form their own outsourcing company, InfoWave (now AdaptIT). In 1999 InfoWave Holdings was registered, listing on the JSE

It was at this time that Peter felt he wanted to concentrate on VBA, starting his own business specialising in the Excel Business Solutions using Excel visual basic

His accounting background has stood him in good stead, as he is fully au fait with the methods and principles of accounting and the application thereof

As he knows Excel extremely well he can also advise the client on obtaining greater more from Excel


Now over 15 years later, under the business name of automate_excel_logo , the company has developed software for small to large corporate companies and organizations. The company has developed elegant, powerful solutions with diverse needs in information technology for clients

We have concentrated on the development of powerful computer-based solutions and systems using Excel visual basic (VBA) and innovative problem solving techniques in Excel. These, typically, have incorporated a combination of complex formula, cross-referencing and VBA. The result is a robust, program, with comprehensive error-checks with or without password control

We have written a variety of diverse systems for a number of clients, from small businesses to national companies. The work has spanned a wide variety of business disciplines including shipping, manufacturing, financial accounting, letting, invoicing, costing and wages

Some of our clients have databases that can be interrogated via ODBC. This allows one to write comprehensive reports using custom VBA code, based on the extracted tables

Our typical client has large amounts of data on numerous systems situated on networks throughout the group or region. They seek a method of combining and accumulating this data seamlessly in order for them to access useful information on which to base management decisions. We have developed comprehensive reports run via extensive Excel forms from which to extract specific information based on multiple criteria

We are experts in gathering data from diverse computer systems and creating complex reports which can be automatically regenerated by the user each week/day/month

Our expert skills are in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the powerful macro language within Excel

Typically we look at your data and your requirements regarding regular reports, for which we make use of Internet-based solutions for immediate virtual hands-on support to our client. Then write the routines (macros) back at the office or on-line. These are then delivered to you where we show you how to run your report after handover. From then on you extract the reports at the click of a button whenever required!

We thrive on finding solutions to difficult problems, to small or complex requirements

We can assist anybody who has lots of data but wants to get meaningful reports quickly and easily

Peter personally oversees & assesses your specific needs and provide you with a solution to your information requirements using Excel VBA by creating meaningful information and reports. As they are macro driven, reports can be re-run on new data, instantly, whenever required, how you want them to work exactly for you